Restructuring framework - StaRUG

Identification of the best reorganisation instrument for your initial situation

The restructuring framework (StaRUG) simplifies the restructuring of the liabilities side and makes it possible to carry out the reorganisation against the will of individual creditors.

The entrepreneur remains in the "driver's seat" and can choose from a variety of restructuring options.

Your benefit

Target-orientated and customised

  1. Analysing the initial situation and options for action
  2. Presentation of the prerequisites, effects and implementation steps of the StaRUG
  3. FalkenSteg supports you in stakeholder management and we assist you in negotiations with the creditors affected by the plan
  4. Support throughout the entire process - from the first negotiation with the creditors to the conclusion of the proceedings
  5. FalkenSteg works with you to develop the restructuring plan in the StaRUG, including the identified restructuring measures, and implements the measures together with you

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