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We are your reliable and trustworthy financial advisory partner

FalkenSteg advises you on the design of your optimal capital structure. In doing so, we take into account the current macroeconomic environment, your individual situation and that of your stakeholders.
Both family businesses and corporate groups rely on our expertise. Our focus is on loan volumes between 50 million euros and 750 million euros.

Your Benefit

Minimise refinancing costs through decisive negotiation and full process control.

  1. A capital structure tailored to your situation, with debt as the core component
  2. You achieve more favorable credit terms and an advantageous credit documentation
  3. You gain a strong negotiating position with banks and stakeholders thanks to our independence from lenders and our "client first" approach
  4. Operational excellence and access to an established network of financing partners ensure that (re-)financing is realized promptly and efficiently
  5. Even in crisis situations you will end up with the optimal capital structure

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Debt Advisory from FalkenSteg


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