Corporate Finance


We value your company - for every transaction occasion.

What is the value of my company? Entrepreneurs are faced with the challenge of determining a "fair" value for their company, particularly in the context of M&A transactions.

With our holistic expertise in the areas of company valuation, M&A transactions, corporate strategy and financing, we create the basis for well-founded entrepreneurial decisions with valuation relevance.

Your benefit

Gain sovereignty of interpretation. Identify potential for value enhancement.

  1. Comprehensive support in all valuation-related issues concerning your transaction
  2. Highest deal relevance through clear specialization in transaction-oriented valuation issues
  3. Maximization of returns by uncovering scope for structuring and additional value potential
  4. Reliable valuation accuracy through the use of recognized valuation methods and databases
  5. Non-partisan valuation expertise as a listed expert for arbitration proceedings

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