Securing long-term business success.

Properly interpreting the first warning signs of a crisis is usually a major challenge for businesses. When a business crisis strikes in the form of severe profitability or liquidity problems, it requires speedy and consistent Action.

Thanks to many years of experience, FalkenSteg has extensive expertise in managing crisis situations of this nature, whether via an out-of-court recovery process or insolvency proceedings. We will help you and your business to emerge from the crisis and achieve a sustainable recovery.

In addition to helping you implement the recommended recovery measures, we will assist you in negotiations with equity investors, lenders and other Stakeholders.

Services spanning the entire restructuring cycle.

FalkenSteg’s work spans every stage of the corporate-restructuring process, with our logical and professionally managed action plans making it possible to overcome impending, unfolding or advanced crisis situations.

We will be at your service with collaborative assistance from day one, working together with you to analyse the current situation and review your company’s plans for navigating it.

After taking stock of the situation, we will show you a variety of possible solutions, explaining their advantages and disadvantages in terms of restructuring inside and outside of insolvency proceedings. At earlier stages of a crisis or as part of out-of-court recovery processes, we can supply you with an appropriate interim manager. They will prepare a recovery blueprint plan in accordance with German Institute of Public Auditors standards (IDW S6), before working with you to implement the relevant action plan.

Our approach

Our clients benefit from our pragmatic approach to execution, which is geared to real-world client needs and based on an understanding that the only way to guarantee the long-term success of the company is by taking appropriate measures and implementing them consistently.

Thanks to our comprehensive approach to consulting, we can act as a one-stop solutions partner for our clients. For instance, non-essential properties or company units can be sold by our Real Estate and M&A teams to help you preserve and generate liquidity. Another way to obtain additional liquidity is by taking suitable steps in line with our debt-advisory plans to avert liquidity problems and the impending threat of insolvency.

For owners

  • Analysis of the current situation and identification of recovery options
  • Development of recovery blueprints
  • Interim management

For banks

  • Creation of a restructuring blueprint with analysis of the company’s position as a going concern
  • Consistent action plan management and project monitoring
  • Releasing and preserving liquidity

Restructuring services

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