Property marketing

Achieving successful outcomes through structured property marketing.

FalkenSteg specialises in determining the true value of your property – especially in difficult and complex situations – and ensuring that this value is realised on the market. We will work together with you to develop the best exit strategy for your needs via a marketing concept geared to real-world market conditions, and create a detailed risk-reward analysis and provide guidance until your transaction is complete.

Thanks to their track record of successfully working on a wide range of transactions, our property specialists maintain contact with dependable networks on both the buy and sell sides.

In addition, FalkenSteg also advises asset sellers on sale and leaseback/rent-back transactions for liquidity and equity optimisation purposes. The property will already be used as collateral. In addition, a diversified funding portfolio will reduce your dependence on your main bank.

Multi-stage marketing process for maximum reliability.

1. Transaction preparation

  • Development of customised transaction strategy for the relevant property
  • Procurement, preparation and review of all relevant documents for the electronic data room
  • Investigation of value-enhancing factors and potential risks

2. Marketing

  • Creation of an attractive, high-quality memorandum for communication with prospective buyers
  • Identification of suitable investors for the relevant asset category using the proprietary FalkenSteg property database
  • Professional market sounding
  • Identification of an appropriate buyer
  • Ability to maintain a bidding contest until closing

3. Negotiations and closing

  • Consistent negotiation strategy that takes transaction reliability into account
  • Assistance until the transaction is signed and closed


AAP Energy

Property area:
25.088 sqm

Effective area
5.200 sqm

Sale & Lease Back
Oct 2019

Kroha GmbH

Property area:
25.011 sqm

Effective area
10.400 sqm

Sale & Lease Back
Jul 2019


Property area:
33.566 sqm

Effective area
24.080 sqm

Asset Deal
Jun 2019

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