Utilising the restructuring tools of insolvency proceedings without relinquishing control of the company

If an out-of-court restructuring of a company in crisis is not possible or is disadvantageous, the management boards have the option of insolvency under self-administration (Section 270b InsO) or protective shield proceedings (Section 270d InsO).

Our insolvency experts structure and manage the restructuring and insolvency process in the interests of all stakeholders

Your benefit

Pragmatic, implementation-orientated and independent

  1. Efficient restructuring through cooperation between existing management and FalkenSteg insolvency expertise
  2. Negotiation of the insolvency application for self-administration with the insolvency court and selection of a suitable administrator for you
  3. Handling insolvency-specific communication with stakeholders
  4. Position of the CRO or authorised representative to prove suitability for self-administration proceedings

4 points

Self-administration - insolvency under own management