Xolution seeks new investor

Munich. Xolution manufactures resealable lids for beverage cans. With a growth rate of 5%-10% and currently around USD 40 bn in sales, the global beverage can market offers enormous potential. Although Xolution’s operating business in 2022 shows a significant turnaround compared to previous years, the Munich-based start-up was forced to file for insolvency proceedings for Xolution GmbH due to investment obligations. The Munich District Court then appointed Dr. Max Liebig, a business graduate with restructuring experience, as preliminary insolvency administrator. Falkensteg’s distressed M&A experts were mandated with the international search for potential investors. The business operations of the packaging manufacturer are to be maintained in the meantime.

Xolution invented the XO closure system (XO-Relock) for aluminum or tinplate beverage cans in 2006 and has continued to develop it. In the meantime, more than 70 million euros have been invested in product development, extensive patenting and the establishment of the international business model. The shareholders include the venture capital arm of Nestlé. Unlike conventional beverage cans, which can only be opened once, XO-sealed cans have an opening mechanism that enables the can to be resealed. The innovative XO lids allow almost perfect integration into the existing supply chain of the beverage industry and offer the consumer the familiar fresh fizz with completely leak-proof resealability. Xolution has production lines in the Czech Republic with an annual capacity of around 120 million lids, as well as an R&D site in Munich. Customers of the Xolution are beverage brands in Europe and Asia. In the large North American market, Xolution has a local subsidiary.

“We will now address a broad and international market. This closure system is suitable for a wide range of different beverage companies. It can be processed without major modifications to standard filling lines and without significant investment. In doing so, it offers one of the best resealing solutions in the beverage can industry,” explains the CEO of Xolution GmbH, Marc von Rettberg.