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What should a company’s reserve price be? And what should my company’s be? These questions are particularly likely to arise when the purchase or sale of a business is on the horizon. A transparent and thorough process to establish the correct reserve price is consistently used to determine the success or failure of intended transactions. This has the added benefit of providing a sound basis for making informed business decisions.

Especially in the context of M&A processes, business owners face the challenge of determining a “fair” value for their company. In addition to valuing your company using respected methods (discounted cash flow and multiples approach), we will also help you to identify and achieve the realistic potential you possess for enhancing your company’s value via business plan modelling.

FalkenSteg’s Valuation & Disputes team will assist you with all the valuation-related issues involved in your case by harnessing our comprehensive wealth of expertise in business valuation, transaction management, corporate strategy, finance and accounting.

Correct company valuation. In every situation.

Our range of valuation services can meet your needs in the following circumstances:

  • Company valuation
  • Valuation of company units or individual assets for transactions
  • Restructuring
  • Balance sheet improvement measures
  • Efficiency analysis
  • Situations related to company law provisions
  • Insolvency transactions and plans

Particularly in the context of distressed M&A transactions, we are experts at reconciling the often different valuation models of the parties involved in the transaction. In these situations, insolvency practitioners regularly favour a valuation based on equity value while investors prefer a cash-flow-centred approach. When these differences of opinion arise, we are well aware of the sensitive factors at play, allowing us to mediate on our clients’ behalf across a variety of methodological frameworks.

Dispute resolution

Impartial valuation expertise in arbitration cases.

Arbitration cases are growing in importance in an international context, especially in the aftermath of corporate transactions. These processes make it possible to settle disputes out of court through non-binding arbitration or a binding verdict.

In addition to legal and procedural advice, interdisciplinary expertise is required to review and analyse the complex business issues involved in the case. We think beyond the conventional boundaries, developing creative and innovative solutions and case strategies for your benefit.

Our experience has repeatedly shown that parties sooner able to focus on the sensitive legal and business-related points of contention are most likely to ultimately prevail. Argument and communication strategies based on this insight are key to achieving success and must be consistently employed. The ability to articulate complex arguments in a structured and easily understandable style is an invaluable asset for your case. When it comes to the business-related disputes in question, arguments based on clear and sound reasoning for all parties involved in the process can play a positive and decisive role in strengthening the legal case.

Taking control of the situation. Reducing transaction complexity.

Our dispute resolution consultants specialise in evaluating valuation-related facts and circumstances in the context of corporate transactions, including carve-out situations. We mainly work on the valuation process and/or the valuation methodology used in conventional share deal transactions. Our services span the entire range of valuation practices. We can state our position on any and all valuation-related facts and circumstances in the context of transactions by issuing expert reports or appearing as experts on behalf of disputing parties.

Our team can advise claimants or defendants on assessing the underlying operational and financial issues. We work efficiently, in each case assigning a hand-picked team that is ideally placed to pursue our clients’ interests. In addition, our subject matter specialists are regularly called as independent experts by arbitrators.

As experts listed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and others, our specialist staff also have extensive experience in Swiss arbitration (including under Liechtenstein law).

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