Reviewing recovery options

Identifying possible solutions and establishing opportunities for action. 

Businesses may face difficulties due to external or internal developments, a state of affairs that will often manifest itself in a profitability or liquidity crisis. Depending on the stage to which the crisis has progressed, there are different recovery options available to successfully overcome these challenging situations.

FalkenSteg has extensive expertise in analysing and applying a range of recovery options, either as part of an out-of-court restructuring process or as a recovery process through debtor-in-possession management or pre-packs.


The decision about which recovery option to apply always depends on the individual case at hand, which is why it is advisable for businesses to seriously consider all the recovery methods to resolve their difficulties.

Our services

  • Assessing recovery options, starting from the current situation and identifying basic requirements, impacts and implementation steps
  • Planning for the chosen recovery method and working with you to ensure its consistent implementation
  • In addition to our goal of delivering a successful company rescue, FalkenSteg also focuses on the liability risks for directors and board members

How you stand to benefit

  • FalkenSteg has a proven network of contacts, including banks, investors, auditors, tax consultants, lawyers and insolvency administrators
  • Wealth of experience from implementing a variety of projects and recoveries inside and outside of insolvency proceedings
  • Identifying and visually presenting options for action and recovery


Beluga Spielwaren

through sale to an investor

Restructuring concept
Liquidity planning
Consumer goods
Oct 2018 - Aug 2019

Leisure Cargo

via debtor-in-possession management

Debtor-in-possession management

Dec 2018 - Aug 2019

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