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Professional business planning is the foundation for results-driven corporate governance. By creating a business plan, the relevant firm’s future development prospects can be mapped out based on a transparent, data-driven representation of the actual state of the business. This will give management the opportunity to anticipate events, respond to undesirable developments, identify risks, plan revenue growth options or map out scenarios at an early stage. The resulting business plan is the key to properly orchestrating the measures set out during the planning process.

A business plan should always be integrated (i.e. including a consistent income statement detailing profit and loss, balance sheet planning and cash flow/liquidity planning). In addition, planning should typically be undertaken on a monthly basis and should cover a timespan of several years – this is the only way to reach detailed conclusions about income trends and, in particular, liquidity developments.

In addition to improving internal governance at the company, a business plan will help you to avoid liability claims against directors and shareholders and is a basic requirement for successful negotiations with equity investors and lenders.

Our services

  • Assistance with the development or assessment (feasibility) of your integrated business plan
  • FalkenSteg will provide transparency, facilitating well-informed, data-driven decision-making
  • We will provide guidance as you work to achieve your planned business objectives

How you stand to benefit

  • FalkenSteg has created and assessed a variety of integrated business plans
  • We are well acquainted with a huge range of industries and company sizes
  • Experts on the specific features of business planning in crisis situations


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