Property valuation

Accurate property valuation in crisis situations.

It is essential for owners, banks, insolvency administrators and insolvency consultants to know the “fair” value of their property, especially in crisis situations. In order to ensure sound fundamentals for decision-making in this context, our property specialists provide bespoke real-estate valuations.

We will get in touch with you in advance to discuss the reason for creating the expert report, establish its audience and decide which valuation method is the most appropriate.

FalkenSteg’s Real Estate team calculates and verifies property valuations based on market-standard valuation methods while incorporating the full set of value-related parameters for properties:

Real purchase prices | sales comparison approach

  • Determines market value of developed land based on comparable transactions, primarily using the values of properties with the same features

Sustainable returns | Income capitalisation approach

  • Calculates returns based on achievable market-standard rates of return. In addition to the general income capitalisation approach (Ertragswertverfahren) under German Property Valuation Ordinance (ImmoWertV) Section 17(2)(1), the simplified income capitalisation approach under ImmoWertV Section 17(2)(2) is also regularly used

Cost of building production | cost approach

  • Uses the cost factor derived from comparable purchase prices

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