Insolvency risk management

Ensuring transparency and planning reliability.

Insolvency risk management is a crucial component of insolvency proceedings. In this context, it is particularly important to ensure liquidity planning that takes insolvency factors into account, making it possible to establish the company’s ability to continue as a going concern. Detailed business reporting is also especially important so that responsive action can be taken at an early stage.

Other basic elements of insolvency risk management include visually mapping out productive and counter-productive projects/activities as well as business planning and contribution margin accounting to identify how long-term, sustainable business success can be achieved.

Practical and targeted implementation.

To help you run your business effectively, the insolvency risk management services offered by FalkenSteg can be combined with the following activities:

  • Incorporating existing oversight functions into the specific insolvency planning processes
  • Reporting for a wider audience beyond insolvency administrators, such as banks and creditors
  • Preparing documentation analysing whether the business is able and permitted to keep trading
  • Reporting on purchase order commitments as well as goods and security interests subject to a retention of title clause

Our services

  • Creating liquidity and business plans geared to the practical realities of your insolvency process
  • Efficiency analysis of orders based on contribution margin accounting
  • Reporting geared to insolvency administrator needs

How you stand to benefit

  • Increase transparency
  • Improve the decision-making fundamentals for the insolvency administrator
  • Reduce the threat of liability risks

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