Continued operation as a going concern

Keeping your business trading with positive results through practical, hands-on management.

When working with businesses that continue trading in insolvency, FalkenSteg will support the insolvency administration process by appointing an interim manager experienced in insolvency. This manager will always bear the details of insolvency law in mind while helping to run the business while implementing strategic and operational decisions for the insolvency administration process.

We can pave the way for successful transfer solutions in insolvency – especially through asset deals – by ensuring close, trusting communication that is responsive to investors’ needs and by having our experienced insolvency experts properly prepare the relevant company information. In addition, FalkenSteg will help you to navigate the insolvency proceedings. For instance, we can assist you with preparing the annual financial statements, assume responsibility for accounting in compliance with insolvency law and help with billing in relation to going-concern and production-wind-down agreements.

Our services

  • Continuing business operations
  • Implementing special processes for insolvency and business administration
  • Handling communication with suppliers, creditors and customers

How you stand to benefit

  • Receive support to keep your business trading
  • Simplify your company’s workload by having FalkenSteg ensure a smoothly run insolvency process
  • Reduce the effort and expense devoted to communication activities


Leisure Cargo

via debtor-in-possession management

Debtor-in-possession management

Dec 2018 - Aug 2019

Giesserei Albbruck

via ordinary insolvency proceedings

Continued operation

Jul 2018 - May 2019

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