Insolvency advisory

Insolvency – an opportunity for recovery, not the end of the road.

When a business crisis is at an advanced stage or unfolding rapidly and getting out of control, it may be impossible to avoid insolvency. But it would be wrong to view insolvency proceedings as spelling the end of the company – instead, with timely preparation and professional implementation, this should be viewed as an effective option for sustainable recovery.

The broadest options for orchestrating this process generally come in the form of insolvency proceedings through debtor-in-possession management (pursuant to Section 270a of the German Insolvency Statute). We will help you to avoid any potential liability risks for shareholders and directors and assist you with restructuring your company while preserving the legal entity. FalkenSteg will be at your service from the initial stages through to the successful completion of the debtor-in-possession management process.

Maximising assets. Keeping your business trading.

In regular insolvency proceedings, FalkenSteg pursues the overarching goal of enhancing asset values to ensure the best possible creditor satisfaction within the constraints of the German Insolvency Statute. As a result, while consulting with the (preliminary) insolvency administrator, we can ensure that the business keeps trading and that the specific features of insolvency law are taken into account:

  • Safeguarding assets
  • Adjusting and reviewing accounting to ensure compliance with insolvency law
  • (Re)defining ordering and payment processes
  • Insolvency-remote clarification of ownership structures

Our approach

At FalkenSteg, we pursue a practical, results-driven approach to action and are committed to fostering close relationships based on mutual engagement and understanding. Our interdisciplinary team of business administration and legal professionals will help you to navigate the period of insolvency and overcome the associated pitfalls lawfully and pragmatically.

During the insolvency proceedings, we will assist you with preserving and boosting liquidity by selling non-essential business units and assets or identifying and eliminating value-destroying activities. For a sustainable and long-term recovery, we will also provide you with experienced interim restructuring managers. By engaging in appropriate action plan management, these professionals will work to ensure that your company continues to operate positively.

For owners

  • Reviewing necessity of insolvency filing under law
  • Identifying options for action to avoid insolvency
  • Guidance and advisory services for debtor-in-possession management/pre-packs
  • Preserving the legal entity

For insolvency administrators

  • Appointing interim managers experienced in insolvency during continued operation as a going concern
  • Assuming responsibility for communication with customers, suppliers and employees
  • Creating liquidity and business plans
  • Realising and enhancing asset values

Insolvency advisory services

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