Start-up financial advisory

Leading-edge consulting services for young companies.

FalkenSteg provides consulting services to start-ups and founders from different industries on all major issues in the financial-advisory field. Combining management consulting and corporate finance, FalkenSteg offers young companies a comprehensive suite of services, ranging from business planning to launching rounds of funding tailored to the client’s needs.

Our aim is to provide long-term guidance to start-ups as they develop and grow. FalkenSteg’s involvement usually begins once the bootstrapping phase is successfully completed. Our role involves always being open to hearing our customers’ thoughts and ideas, while providing honest feedback and hands-on guidance with consistent business and financial planning. In addition, we offer access to networks and can help to make arrangements and provide guidance with rounds of funding during any stage of growth.

Our approach to this work is always based on a spirit of partnership, including for remuneration structures. Like the founders of these businesses, we make our own investment in the project at hand by allocating resources and applying our team’s specialist knowledge. Payment will only be due once the financing rounds have been successfully completed in line with the proof of concept.

Overview of services

Strategic advisory
New entrepreneurs and start-ups are constantly faced by new challenges that have not yet been experienced by them or their staff. We will gladly offer our advice and assistance in these situations. Our advisory services cover issues such as formulating your business plans, designing your first reporting systems and modelling suitable, future-proof investment models.

In the early stages of founding a start-up, it may be useful to have your business plans reviewed by an independent entity so that strategic and legal vulnerabilities can be pinpointed at an early stage. FalkenSteg can provide support with this by conducting quick checks, market analysis and a historical review of existing cap tables. With regard to potential rounds of funding, we can provide any and all pre- and post-money valuations consistent with your business plan and the products you want to create.

As events progress during the typical development phases for a start-up, there also tends to be a growing need for capital. FalkenSteg will act as your partner for raising capital, helping you to create the pitch documents and identify potential investors. After this, we ensure that the process runs smoothly and that a virtual data room is created and managed. This is necessary for controlled and secure information sharing. We can provide guidance with the negotiations, create the appropriate term sheets and facilitate communication, and are able to assist with mediation if doubts arise (always following a joint discussion with our clients).

  • Quick checks
  • Market research
  • Pre-money and post-money valuations
  • Company law analysis


  • Formulating business plans
  • Financial modelling
  • Advice with investment decisions
  • Modelling for suitable investments


  • Helping to create pitch decks
  • Identifying and liaising with potential investors
  • Creating a data room
  • Mediation services
  • Advising on, drafting and negotiating term sheets
  • Reviewing and assessing offers

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