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FalkenSteg is one of the leading boutique consulting firms for M&A transactions in the German small- and mid-cap sector. As such, we support business owners and investment companies with succession solutions, carve-outs and portfolio clean-ups. On the buy side, we assist European companies in the industrial and service sectors and North American and Chinese strategists when they acquire shareholdings in Germany.

We are always open to hearing our clients’ thoughts and ideas on any issue relating to upcoming corporate transactions. By adopting a comprehensive perspective on marketing, we can identify potential deal-breakers at an early stage and address these matters in a way that maximises value for our clients.

From initial transaction planning through to the crucial operational design, you will receive friendly and supportive guidance from one of our corporate-finance partners. Thanks to their decades of experience, our partners have excellent access to relevant decision makers in the industrial and financial sectors, giving your transaction the best possible conditions for success.

Top 10 small-cap M&A consultants in Germany.

League Table Mergermarket FalkenSteg

League Table
Germany – number of transactions

Ranking Financial advisor 2018 2017
1. EY 41 48
2. Deloitte 31 36
3. KPMG 31 42
4. Rothschild 30 40
5. PwC 30 30
6. Lincoln 30 32
7. GCA ALtium 27 23
8. UniCredit 24 12
9. JPMorgan 21 18
10. FalkenSteg 20 17

Source: Mergermarket
Number of M&A transactions with a transaction volume exceeding €5 Million.
If multiple firms have the same transaction total, their position is determined by their transactions’ cumulative deal value.

Overview of M&A services

Sell side.

FalkenSteg provides end-to-end support for your sale process. From thoroughly preparing for the process and communicating with prospective buyers to due diligence, negotiating contracts and concluding them, you will receive guidance from an experienced team of M&A specialists proficient in all stages of the sale of businesses. We think about the process in terms of the desired end results, enabling us to anticipate possible deal-breakers early on.

Overview of our sell-side M&A Services.

  • Market environment and company situation analysis
  • Formulating sale strategy
  • Identifying potential buyers (long list)
  • Working with clients to determine the shortlist
  • Establishing personal contact with selected investors (teasers, NDAs)
  • Creating a comprehensive marketing document (information memorandum/fact book)
  • Preparing for the management presentation, including management coaching
  • Due-diligence support
  • Reviewing and assessing offers
  • Selecting preferred buyers
  • Assisting with negotiation and conclusion of contracts of sale

Buy side.

FalkenSteg will advise you on all relevant issues relating to the corporate acquisition, particularly in cross-border transaction scenarios. From working out initial purchase-related strategy factors through to facilitating and steering the negotiation process and ultimately signing the contract, you can rely on our many years of transaction experience as you navigate all the sub-processes and acquisition opportunities.

Overview of our buy-side M&A Services.

  • Developing purchase strategy
  • Identifying suitable target companies
  • Formulating funding strategy, evaluating different financing models
  • Identifying and mediating between funding partners
  • Making contact with top decision makers from the target company and establishing willingness to sell
  • Facilitating meetings involving owners, management and employees
  • Planning and carrying out the due-diligence process
  • Determining effects of an acquisition on the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow
  • Providing support during contract negotiations until the purchase is completed
  • Assistance during the post-merger integration phase


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