Liquidity management: the basis for continuing operations in insolvency proceedings. InsO 4/2018, 135 – 138

Together with Mr. Tobias Hartwig from the law firm Schultze & Braun Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft für Insolvenzverwaltung mbH, attorneys Tillmann Peeters and Sebastian Wilde (both partners Falkensteg Recovery Advisory) shed light on liquidity management as an essential basis for the continuation of operations in insolvency proceedings in the April issue of InsbürO.

The authors illustrate the expertise required for a successful continuation of operations, which insolvency administrators and their teams must possess, especially with regard to the exact control and management of the liquidity of the managed company. Alternatively, external service providers can be commissioned to draw up such plans, although this is mainly done in self-administration proceedings. The insolvency administrator or administrator then only has to check the plausibility of these plans, provided that appropriate funds are available.


The next article will describe the course of an M&A process accompanying the continuation of operations.