KW Automotive acquires BBS which had gone into bankruptcy in July 2020

Due to the immense engagement of the insolvency administration backed by restructuring experts from Falkensteg BBS could be preserved. It was possible to sell the business of BBS GmbH as an asset deal in a swift and smooth M&A process conducted by Commerzbank AG (M&A advisor), to KW automotive group. Further 100% of company shares from BBS of America was purchased by KW automotive group (share deal). Hence, the traditional brand BBS – the brand is lasting over 50 years and has a high reputation in motorsport – will furtherly exist. Most jobs are also be retained.

The new entity will operate as BBS automotive GmbH. The core business shall focus to the distribution of exclusive rims in the Aftermarket (IAM). The expansion shall be driven by the international sales network of KW.

While the insolvency proceeding – for the traditional black forest company it is the third insolvency – the operating business of BBS GmbH was pursued. The bankruptcy was led by SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschütz, Mannheim comprises attorney Mr. Thomas Oberle (insolvency practitioner) joint by his partner colleague attorney Mr. Marc Philippe Hornung.

The proceeding was supported entirely by restructuring experts from FalkenSteg Restructuring. A team of the in Düsseldorf based restructuring boutique prepared a viable restructuring plan which was for KW the rational behind the deal. The business concept of KW with the operational and strategic realignment is based on the plan. Also, the experts supported the operating business with their hands-on approach. The project was led by the two partners Markus Tränkle and Wolfram Lenzen. Both have long lasting experience in restructuring situations and a tremendous expertise in the automotive sector.

Besides Falkensteg also consultants from Perlitz Strategy Group, Mannheim und Kemény Boehme & Company GmbH, Munich were responsible for technical issues and acted as interim plant managers for both production sites.

Insolvency administration
RA Thomas Oberle (insolvency practitioner, Partner)
RA Marc-Phillipe Hornung (Partner)


Markus Tränkle (Partner)
Wolfram Lenzen (Partner)
Max Schneider (Senior Consultant)
Hanns Reinhardt (Senior Consultant)

Kemény Boehme & Company GmbH (Operational-technical processes)
Stefan Kemény

Perlitz Strategy Group (Technical Support)
Carl-Philipp Lehr


Commerzbank AG
Jens Krane

Legal (Labour law)
HL Legal