Brinkmann sells consumer goods dealer BEEM with FalkenSteg

The Rosbach-based company BEEM specializes in the distribution of consumer goods. In four product segments – coffee & tea, samovar, cooking & kitchen and household – a wide range of products for private households, hotels and gastronomy is offered. The product engineering is carried out by an in-house development department. The production itself is carried out by various Asian suppliers. The main distribution channels are online trade (Amazon etc.), retail trade (Lidl, Norma etc.) and export, especially of samovars. 45 employees generated a turnover of around 15 million EUR.

An unbalanced expansion of the product range and unexpectedly high return rates in the online business increasingly burdened the working capital. As a result, the key segments of coffee and samovars suffered from out-of-stock times and customer losses. BEEM will file for insolvency on December 21, 2016. The appointed insolvency administrator, Dr. Jan Markus Plathner, initiated an international investor process and commissioned FalkenSteg for this purpose.

DS Holding prevailed as buyer in the investor process. The strategic rationale of DS Group was to complement its own product range and to exploit synergies. In particular, the buyer saw considerable growth potential in the samovars not previously available in its own product range. In addition to a comprehensive recapitalisation of the business operations, DS Gruppe took over approx. 15 of the remaining 30 employees at the Rosbach location. DS Gruppe itself generates a turnover of EUR 200 million with about 350 employees.