Looking back at the 2019 FalkenSteg summer party

In keeping with what is now company tradition, Villa Bonn in Frankfurt’s Westend district played host to the 2019 FalkenSteg summer party last Thursday, where we had the privilege of welcoming over 300 guests from the worlds of business, academia, politics and civil society. Surrounded by perfect late-summer weather, we had the opportunity to round off the season in a carefree atmosphere with our customers, business partners, colleagues and friends. We can look back with a great sense of gratitude on a memorable evening with great guests and stimulating conversations, which ended with lively music played into the late hours.

Frankfurt-based live formation Skinny Jeans set the tone for the evening with their enjoyable musical accompaniment. Until the next summer party, we hope all our guests have a successful year and we hope to see you again soon!